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Have bed bugs in your home? Give our bed bug control experts a call at (951) 223-5109! We realize how annoying it can be to have bed bugs and unfortunately, it is not an easy or cheap process to eradicate them. It takes time and can be frustrating but is worth it if you want to have your home bed bug-free again.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs can travel on a person or even in their luggage, making it from one place to another; even across the world. Many people bring home bed bugs without knowing it, contracting them from a hotel, airplane, or any place frequently visited by people. We’ve had customers call who had someone stay with them in their home for awhile, only to discover bed bugs shortly thereafter. Accidents happen but we don’t advise dealing with bed bugs on your own; call our bed bug control techs today!

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

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Watch out for bed bugs; call us for removal!

Bed bugs are flat, oval, brownish-reddish colored pests. They are very small and their bodies become elongated after feeding. They have a stylet which they use to feed off of humans or pets. They will drink your blood while injecting their saliva into you which numbs the bite, making it harder for someone to know they’re being fed upon while sleeping. Their bite resembles that of a pin-prick.

Inspecting for Bed Bugs

We’ve also had many customers call who thought they had bed bugs and they turned out to be a different pest. The best way to determine if it is in fact a bed bug is to inspect your home and the area(s) in which you noticed activity.

If you were getting bit during your sleep, you would want to inspect your bedroom first. Check around the headboard, footboard, frame, bedding and seams of your bed. These are common hiding places for bed bugs. They only come out at night so it’s harder to discover them during the day. You might consider taking a flashlight at night and inspecting these areas. It might be easier to spot the pest.

If you still aren’t sure if it’s bed bugs you’re dealing with call our bed bug control experts anyways. We can help you identify the pest and if it is in fact bed bugs, we’ll inform you of our treatment process and steps needed on your part to ensure complete treatment. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate; give us call at (951) 223-5109 now!

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