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Fleas are a nuisance and can quickly take over your home right under your nose. They are small, making it easy to hide and harder to catch in order to identify. Fleas will bite as they feed on blood and will prefer your warm-blooded pet over any food but if they become infested in your home they will start feeding on you as well.

lake elsinore fleas

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There are a variety of flea treatments available in the stores today but many of our customers waste time and money, unsuccessful at their attempt to remove the fleas. This is when they call us instead. We encourage you to call us at (951) 223-5109 before you waste time and money on in-store solutions but we understand if you choose to try and treat it yourself the first time.

Lake Elsinore fleas will become imbedded in your carpet and lay their eggs, multiplying their families very quickly. Several steps are necessary when treating Lake Elsinore fleas as it’s important to remove the adult fleas as well as the larvae left behind by them.

If you don’t want to mess with the hassle of Lake Elsinore fleas and removing them you need to give Quality Lake Elsinore Pest Control a call at (951) 223-5109 right away. Our flea control experts will gladly come inspect your home and devise a treatment plan specifically for your infestation.

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