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It’s common for us to get calls from those finding a rat or mouse in their home or business. Rodents are a common pest in the Lake Elsinore area, some areas noticing more activity than others. Rats and mice are sneaky pests because unless you see evidence, hear them at night, or happen to see one, your home could become overrun very quickly before you are aware of the issue. However, a majority of the rodent control calls we’ve received have heard the rats and mice chewing at night; a common way to discover a rodent problem.

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Many people think of unsanitary environments when they picture a mouse or rat. This is a misconception for many people. These rodents are used to living near us humans and most likely have inhabited a building or home that you recently visited. This is because they will build nests in our walls, under appliances, in the attic or other easily accessible area for them. Where they are protected from view and able to continue growing their family, increasing their infestation.

Rats and mice are very unsanitary and can contaminate every surface they come into contact with, but they are also very harmful pests. They must chew to keep their teeth sharp and they are not picky when it comes to deciding what to chew. We’ve treated homes that received damage in the forms of chewed wires, cables, clothing, papers, storage items, and much more.

Rodents carry diseases that easily spread to humans when you come into contact with a contaminated surface or item. You might discover rodents are present in your home by noticing droppings, chewed items or an actual nest. If you think you might have a rat or mouse problem, or want to get preventative treatment for rodents, call our rodent control team at (951) 223-5109 today.

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