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lake elsinore termite control

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Termites are the most damaging pest a property owner can have. This is because they easily go undetected for long periods of time. Once they’re finally discovered they have already caused extensive damage to a property. For this reason we encourage everyone to receive regular termite inspections. Whether it’s once or twice a year, having a professional termite control expert inspect your home for signs of termites can save you a lot of money in the future.

In addition to treating current termite problems we also provide treatments for homes under construction. It’s not uncommon to receive calls to have furniture treated either. These calls often come from customers who have purchased used furniture containing wood that is susceptible to termites. This is a great strategy if you know you currently have no termites and don’t want to invite some in to your home, creating an even larger problem.

Most people will discover signs of termites via tunnels or tubes that often run from the ground up along your foundation walls. Another way to discover termites if finding sawdust or dirt where they have been destroying your structure. A downside to having termites is that they can be in areas not easily seen making this the number one reason many homes undergo termite damage for years before their discovery.

Don’t become a statistic and fork out a lot of money trying to get rid of termites. Call us at (951) 223-5109! We can inspect your home or property and then outline our findings to help you make a decision in treatment. Even if you don’t have termites now, call our termite control exterminators at (951) 223-5109 to sign up for regular termite inspections. The best way to avoid a pest infestation is to take preventative measures.

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