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Spiders in Lake Elsinore are a pest that many residents will encounter in or outside of their homes. While a majority of spiders are harmless, there are some that should be regarded with more caution. Spiders can be beneficial in that they eat other pests and insects so you have fewer annoying insects to worry about. However, even harmless spider bites can be painful and many people don’t like the thought of knowing spiders are in their home.

spiders in lake elsinore

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Common spiders you may encounter while residing in Lake Elsinore, California include tarantulas, daddy long-legs, house spider, black widow, brown recluse, and grass spiders. Of course there are many other species one may encounter but they are too many to list. Whatever spider you might have come across, our spider control exterminators are here to assist you.

Black Widow Removal

Black widows are a poisonous spider in Lake Elsinore that many property owners will most likely encounter at some point; knowingly or not. We easily identify them by their red markings on their bodies. The venom of a black widow is reported to be stronger than that of a rattlesnakes.

Brown Recluse Removal

It’s not uncommon to come across a brown recluse in Lake Elsinore either and is a spider to be regarded with caution. Brown recluse spiders have a violin marking on their body and aren’t often found in homes. Instead they are typically outdoors in dark areas such as sheds and woodpiles.

Should a black widow or brown recluse or any spider come into your home, call us at (951) 223-5109 to remove it! Spiders will typically only enter your home when they’re stalking their prey; other insects and bugs. We will treat the property for all the smaller pests which will deter the spiders from coming back in because their food source has been eliminated. To learn more about our spider control treatments give us a call at (951) 223-5109!

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